Business Problem

Organizations frequently need to utilize services from short term workers who do not go through standard, company vetting or investigative process. The company needs a way to allow these workers to easily and securely interact with the company network.


  • Higher risk, temporary workers need secure, company managed computing machines that are configured with the appropriate software and can be used wherever the person may be assigned within the company.
  • The temporary workers may need to securely extend their work off site.
  • The company needs to maintain control of the computing environment and ensure access from company managed machines.
  • The company needs an easy way to remotely disable or wipe the computer device in the event the computer device is lost or stolen.


Windows To Go WorkSafe Pro

The Windows To Go WorkSafe Pro device allows a user to run Windows from a cryptographically hardened SSD drive that is purpose built for security, portability, and durability. The WorkSafe Pro creates a secure platform that integrates hardware encrypted storage and a certificate based smart card to protect the device and its contents. The WorkSafe Pro provides a portable, full Windows environment on a hardened USB 3.0 device.  It can be used on most any machine, including many Mac devices.

SEMS Management

The SPYRUS Enterprise Management (SEMS) server provides Windows To Go WorkSafe Pro remote management and audit logging.


  • The hardware encrypted SSD drive is protected by a hardware boot PIN allowing the WorkSafe Pro to be securely be taken offsite for a fraction of the cost of a laptop.
  • Booting from the WorkSafe Pro brings up a secure, company configured environment, bypassing security risks of non-company managed devices.
  • With the SEMS Management, The WorkSafe Pro features can be remotely administered including: hardware PIN change and remote wipe to ensuring company control.