The Information Security Service team brings exceptional leadership and extraordinary experience depth.  Top management draws upon over 25 years of IT experience in both enterprise and high-growth compliance driven organizations.

Our technical team continues to be a part of the security architecture and remediation efforts with some of the most noteworthy security breaches.  We work hard to bring the value of this experience along with relentless research to all of our customers.

Randy Lahti

Security Architect, Partner

Randy co-founded Information Security Service and serves as a Security Architect and strategist.  Randy brings over 25 years of leadership building and managing technical organizations that service high assurance customers. As a seasoned entrepreneur, and a former CISO and security auditor for the financial sector, Randy is an experienced executive with a passion for quality and a driven spirit.

Randy’s has been responsible for network system designs and assessments scrutinized from global security compliance institutions including Bank of America, Well Fargo, Citi, and Chase.  He understands secure network constructs and effective information security management programs that integrate today’s technological and operational demands. Technical experience includes: Active Directory, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM), Secure Remote Access, BYOD, and packet level security controls.

Randy combines a passion for technology with an intense focus on detail and practical audit experience with today’s standards ISO 27001, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, PCI 3.x. This experience gives customer’s the edge to effectively build to the truths of a solution instead of the promise of what it should be and the opportunity to move from a reactive to a proactive posture.

Randy graduated with a BS in Electrical Engineering and a minor in business and brings a first-hand understanding of today’s competing security, operational, and budgetary business challenges.

Gary Green

Security Architect, Partner

Gary is a Security Architect and co-founder of Information Security Service with over 25 years of industry experience. A former Microsoft Dedicated Support Engineer serving the Fortune 500, Gary brings leadership across a broad range of security technologies including core expertise in identity and access. Primary technologies include: Pubic Key Infrastructure (Certificate Services), Windows Server platforms, Active Directory, Windows Security, and Multi-factor Authentication.

Gary works closely with leading institutions including Ford, Dell, Target, HP, and Allstate in the adaptation of new products, architecting, planning, and consolidating Windows Server and application infrastructure, Active Directory domains and forests. Gary excels at implementing secure infrastructures at scale involving interoperability and integration of multiple vendor’s products in complex environments.

Gary understands today’s security problems from years of servicing operational realities in today’s enterprises. His forthright nature and inherent integrity drive objective, productive communication and strategic solutions that currently remediate many of today’s most visible breaches.

Gary graduated with a BBA in Accounting and as a former CPA, he brings a unique business technology perspective.