Difficulty keeping business and work related computing separate from individual personal use computing is a common challenge.

Situation Scenarios (as applicable)

  • Provide a company computing platform for use on personal assets.  Protect organizations assets from endpoints which are not managed by enterprise control standards.
  • Provide personal computing platform for use on company assets.  Facilitate a simple, safe, way for users to conduct personal business at work while maintaining independence from company assets.


Windows To Go WorkSafe Pro

The Windows To Go Worksafe Pro is an ideal secure alternate boot device to keep the functions, operating systems and data on the device separate from its host machine to ensure work functions such as a corporate workstation are kept separate from personal computing environments without needing a separate computer.

Technology Benefits

  • Cost effective – less cost than a second machine
  • Secure – Provides Hardware encryption of the entire drive.  A boot pin is required to access the drive.
SEMS Management

If a Windows To Go Workspace Pro is registered with  SEMS Management and the device is lost or stolen, the device itself can be remotely disabled, destroyed or wiped of all contents as appropriate. If an authorized user forgets their boot pin to access their Windows To Go Worksafe Pro, with SEMS Management, the pin can be reset so access and productivity can be restored quickly.